Testing for the end of a for(each) loop

One sign of a good templating language is that you can test for the last iteration of a loop without having to count the iterations. PHP is no exception! Assuming you're quite happy with hacky syntax (you have to be if you're using PHP) then you can do this:

foreach ($array as $item) {
  if (each($array) === false) {
    # last iteration

You iterate over the original array using each, but ignore the output if it's not boolean false. foreach derps around on the copy of the array, and when the original array finishes being iterated, each returns false! So you basically iterate over the array while you iterate over the array.

In Template::Toolkit you can also test for the last iteration of a loop with loop.last, which is why that is also a good templating language.

In conclusion, PHP is a templating language.

Oh right, leave a comment with your own one for whatever bozo templating language you like :)