Day 4: RFPR for

I've embarked on a new term, RPFR. An RFPR is a Request For Pull Requests: like an RFC, except for when you've already started writing code and you want people to add features or fix it, instead of bikeshedding about the spec for it.

This first one is for my daemonize script at This script is a wrapper around Daemon::Control (, which I wrote essentially so I could type

daemonize starman --something --etc webapp.psgi

... and end up with an LSB script in init, because all the default answers to the questions were right.

Unfortunately the very first time I tried to use this somewhere else I discovered that it wasn't so straightforward, so now I'd like to collect either patches or issues on the repository for features or changes that would make this script that much more useful.

Essentially the goal is to automate as much of writing the Daemon::Control script as possible, and also to have an option to write it out as an init script instead of a Perl script.

Welp, just a brief one for day 4. They can't all be deep essays on the holistic nature of abstract data.