Introducing Protip

A while ago I had a long, protracted conversation with my manager trying to convince him that our company should have a github account for select open-source projects we, as a company, want to release into the wild, on the basis that it would be good PR et cetera. That conversation went like this:

Me: I think we should put some open-source projects on github

Him: Good idea. People can download this stuff anyway when it's on the web so we might as well put it out there on purpose.

It is honestly quite a pleasure to work for a manager savvy enough to hold this opinion, rather than the sort of manager you hear about who, in spite of all observational evidence, maintains a world view that the company's code is its own and the correct answer lies in various obfuscation and encryption techniques that entirely defeat the point of the code being secured in the first place.

So without further ado I present the project that spawned this highly modern thinking, Protip.

This is a jQuery plugin intended to make a tooltip that is actually useful. Having tried many other tooltips I found that most suffered from the same basic problem: The method of deciding what should be in the tooltip (and what the tooltip should look like) was highly arbitrary, or at least difficult to shoehorn into your average document, to the extent that the majority of your tooltip logic was creating the tooltips in the right place so that the plugin, which is meant to save you work, can see them. By which time you might as well have written your own tooltip anyway. So I did that.

Protip can take a function as the tooltip specifier, and the function returns a jQuery object. Simple as that. There are a few1 predefined such functions but generally you tell the plugin what and where your tooltip is.

It is currently a bit hastily written and hence there is a certain quantity of Javascripty scope unsureties going on, but nothing a bit of a refactor won't solve.

Here it is again. Go nuts. Feedback appreciated in the form of patches or pull requests.

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